"I also appreciated that the plan was very wholistic. It wasn't just about working out or just about losing weight or toning up. Rather, it was a 360 approach where she talked about my mental health, where we also talked about sleep and diet, so it felt that all aspects of my life were being addressed.

- Marlin G.

"How Kaytee Saved Me!

I grew up to believe the number on the scale is what defines my inner and outside beauty. Until

one day I took a chance on Kaytee, whom now I consider one of my closest friends, passionate

mentor, and biggest cheerleader.


Kaytee helped me build a healthy relationship with food, learn fitness activities that can be outside the gym and self-love. These three components have helped me achieve successes that were outside of my comfort zone, and not just focus on the scale!


Kaytee’s Wholistic approach helped me build a long term sustainable lifestyle. I am so thankful for Kaytee’s first-hand experience, she just GETS IT! I’m excited to start a new chapter in life with the best trainer in the WORLD! ♥"


- Karen A.

"It is always hard to start a new routine when it comes to your health. You start with that mindset where you tell yourself 'This is the time I am going to reach my goals!' and you hit the ground on a sprint. This is where we make the mistake and we burn out fast. We get tired and lose motivation.


When I first met Kaytee, I was ready to take off in that sprint, I wanted to overcome my obesity and control my diabetes. Kaytee listened to my story and my goals and she knew I wanted to sprint to the finish line, but she recognized my pattern where I become discouraged.

Kaytee helped put a plan together where I could feel comfortable, not get discouraged and see results. She knew my limits and she never forced me to do anything that would hinder my path to the finish line, but she did know if I was giving up on a set or rep too early and kindly say 'Ok, just give me one more.' and I did and she would ask how I felt and I would say good and then kindly asked me 'Do you think you can do one more?' I could. It was her way of not forcing me, but guiding me and helping me believe in myself and avoid the self-sabotaging that I’ve always done in the past. 

I am closer to my goal weight, no more do I say a finish line because being healthy is ongoing and now having been able to control my diabetes and was able to get off some of the medicine that have been prescribed to me, because my numbers and health are better.  I’m back to going on hikes and outdoor adventures just like when I was younger. I thank Kaytee for all the support she has given me and continues to give me. I am truly blessed to have her as my guidance through my health journey."

- René G.

"Kaytee made the idea of starting my fitness journey exciting and achievable. She was always there to guide me through any challenges I faced. Kaytee helped me realize that a healthy lifestyle was possible. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve or strive for my fitness journey if it wasn’t for her."

- Viviana C.

"Kaytee is one of the best trainers I have worked with. When I started training with her, my confidence and fitness level was pretty low. She motivated me into not only gaining my confidence back, but in reminding myself of the athlete I use to be.


She understood the goals that I wanted and worked with me on ways to achieve it. She personalized a workout plan that suited my capabilities and brought me results.


She was passionate about fitness and about my personal journey. Her constant support was crucial in my success and I thank her for giving me the drive to get healthy."

- Jennifer

"Kaytee is one of the BEST trainer I have ever worked!  I was hardly to the gym before and I was not so serious doing the exercise. But when I came to Kaytee and started working with her as my trainer I learnt a lot from her!


First thing she changed my habit and encouraged me to come to the gym regularly. I have had a knee pain so I was not flexible for any kind of exercise. Though she has a lot of patience and she listened to me very carefully and than she made a personalized workout plan for me which suits me best. When I was not comfortable with some of the exercise posture than she used to modify it for me. She also taught me how to use the gym equipment that I am still enjoying.


She used to discuss with me about my diet plan and sleeping habits too, which was very useful as I cut down a lot on unhealthy eating habits and tried to eat more healthy food. I stayed with her for long time and I got a lot of benefit for my health, my health started improving as I had a diabetes and Cholesterol. Today also my health is in a better shape. I understood the value of exercise in my life. She has a very pleasant personality and very flexible to wok with her! I really enjoyed working with her! I truly appreciate the time I spent with her!!!"

- Nutan S.